Massage Comfort and Spa, Inc.

We know that people have many choices and opportunities for massage and spa experiences. We developed Massage Comfort and Spa Inc. as a place for people to receive their ultimate massage and spa experience. Our owner, Noi Steele, was born and raised in Thailand where she received her initial Thai massage training. Her experiences in Thailand, together with her training and experiences in America, are the driving force behind the birth of Massage Comfort and Spa Inc. We want people to be able to experience the type of therapeutic massage that they have dreamed of receiving and will always want to receive however in many instances, have never received. Additionally, Noi is able to provide massage to people for up to 2 continuous hours.

Massage Comfort and Spa, Inc.

Are you experiencing problems involving upper or lower back pain, neck or shoulder issues?  How about your hips, legs or feet?  Do you have plantar fasciitis or trouble sleeping?  Would you just like to receive a relaxing and soothing massage?

Traditional old country Thai massage, which Noi practices, is a wonderfully energizing and balancing treatment.  The roots of Thai massage date back to its founder, Shivago Komarpaj, known as Father Doctor.  Ancient medical texts were carved in stone to preserve the tradition of Thai massage and these can be seen upon the walls in the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok.  This ancient knowledge and practice has been passed down from parents to children ensuring that generations continue to benefit from these traditional techniques.

We are growing!  We have opened a new location in downtown Lake Oswego, 480 Fifth St, and we have added an additional therapist.  This could be your beginning of what will grow into a bigger and better massage and spa experience with customized medical and personal therapeutic massage treatments according to what both you and your body tells us it needs for healing.


You can schedule an appointment either by calling us or using online scheduling

If at first we are not available due to scheduling conflicts, please check back frequently due to short notice changes in the schedule.  Thank you for considering Massage Comfort and Spa Inc. and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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